Experience the captivating state of Rajasthan in India, renowned for its magnificent forts, desert villages, vibrant spice markets, and friendly locals. Break free from the usual tourist spots and embark on an adventurous bicycle tour. Our route takes us through barren deserts, lush oases, and remote villages where traditional Rajasthani life remains untouched by the outside world.

The exact details of our back-country tour between Jodhpur and Udaipur are a secret, but we cover distances of 40km to 60km per day. We start in the flatlands south of Jodhpur and journey towards the beautiful Aravali Hills. Along the way, we pause at popular attractions and also visit lesser-known places where you can experience rural Rajasthan firsthand. Our accommodations include heritage hotels in restored palaces, offering a unique and luxurious stay.

Instead of the famous sites, you may find the real highlight of your bike tour to be an unexpected encounter with a friendly local or a memorable Rajasthani family meal. That’s the beauty of this trip and the cultural experiences it brings.





  • Day 1

    Welcome to the hustle and bustle of modern India? The group convenes at 10am for our flight to Jodhpur. Once we land, the adventure begins! After checking into the hotel, we will head out on foot to explore the blue city. We’ll tour the imposing walls of the 15th century Mehrangarh fortress with views of the indigo houses below before enjoying dinner in the old town.

  • Day 2

    Today is full of desert palaces as we ride out of the old city of Jodhpur to have lunch in Jhalamand Garh. By the end of the day, we will be riding dusty lanes through the desert to Rohet. These roads are as old as time and were used by Marwari then Rajput traders to navigate the treacherous lands between the different warlord kingdoms. The ride ends at historic Rohet Garh. This Rajput stately home, set next to a desert oasis, is beautiful and comes complete with swimming pool and massage therapy to take the edge off the saddle sore! We will take a Jeep trip out to visit local villages among the sand dunes where communities of the Bishnoi tribes have very unique ways of living and produce interesting crafts.

  • Day 3

    This morning we’ll set off on our bikes, stopping at a shrine on the main road that is dedicated to travelers to say thanks for our safe travels before we veer off onto narrow farm lanes through the picturesque desert. We’ll pass through friendly Rajasthani villages and keep our eyes peeled for a camel sighting. Once we’ve reached Khairwa, we’ll make a stop at a traditional Heritage Haveli there for a tasty lunch. Following lunch there is an optional 45 km ride on to Jojawar or a transfer by van, once here you can enjoy our heritage hotel’s pool before a traditional dinner is served.

  • Day 4

    Get ready for an exciting day ahead! If you’re up for it, hop on your bike and join us as we head towards Deogarh. But if you prefer a slower pace, feel free to relax in the morning before we leave for Deogarh. We’ll cycle a bit further from Jojawar to Phulad, then catch a train back to Khambli Ghat. From there, it’s a short drive to Deogarh Mahal for lunch. Afterward, we’ll return to Jojawar, where you are free to sample the different tastes of the town in the evening before another night in our heritage hotel.

  • Day 5

    Today we continue our bike journey, and as we ride the landscape starts to change dramatically. Sandy scrubland shifts shape to boulder-strewn plateaus dotted with villages as we ride towards the Aravalli range. We overnight in the lush, wooded valley of Ranakpur. The village of Ranakpur is a popular holiday destination for local families with its beautiful forests, cool climate, and jaw-dropping Jain temple. In the afternoon we’ll have some time to explore the intricate Jain Temple complex, as well as time for relaxation to enjoy the hotel’s amenities.

  • Day 6

    Your day begins with a short transfer to skip over a challenging section of terrain. The fifteen-minute drive takes us into the Aravalli Hills, which present quite a change in backdrop for our journey. We’ll pass by small hillside hamlets and villages and see traditional ox-drawn wells – Our destination, Kumbhalgarh fortress.

    Deep in the heart of the Aravalli hills is the incredible hilltop fortress of Kumbhalgarh. The fortress features the world’s second largest man-made wall, second only to China’s Great Wall, creating the impenetrable defenses of the Marwar kingdom. Kumbhalgarh fortress is an awe-inspiring sight, and we’ll get the chance to discover it for ourselves.

    Fortress exploration over, we’ll take to the bikes and begin our ride out of the hills. The route is undulating but largely downhill with gentle slopes, so you can pedal comfortably for the most part and enjoy the sweeping views and scenes of daily village life. Our ride concludes in the city of Haldighati at the Maharana Pratap Museum and memorial. This land was the site of a fierce and epic battle between thousands of Mughal and Rajput forces, the memorial commemorates the battle and in particular the legendary warrior Maharana Pratap.
    To round out a busy day we return to the van and transfer to the city of Udaipur, our destination for the night.

  • Day 7

    The riding is done and so today we explore the historical sights on foot. In the morning, we visit Sajjan Garh Fort, known as the monsoon palace and then see out the middle of the day with lunch and some downtime at the hotel. In the afternoon, we’ll head into the city of Udaipur to explore the historic Old Town, along the way you’ll learn about the history of this fascinating and beautiful city, before finishing off with a boat ride on lake Pichola.

    This evening we’ll gather together along the lakeside for dinner. Take in your magical surroundings and celebrate our last night together as we reminisce about our adventures through Rajasthan.

  • Day 8

    Our tour concludes today in Udaipur and you can stay on in the city, or continue your journey. There are flight or train options if heading back to Delhi, and we are happy to help assist you with any onward travel plans from here.


Here is a link to general travel information about India. Take a moment to read our blog about Travel in India.

Here is a link to general travel information about India.

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Personalised design

We'll help plan your trip based on you like and want to do. We know a lot about the place you're gomg. so we can give you good advice. WIIether you're into history, food, or culture, ue'll make sure your trip is just right for you. With us. your travel will be easy and fun!

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