Exploring the ocean feels like traveling to another world. At first, everything seems strange – the creatures, plants, and huge monsters. But as you float in the magical blue water, it starts to feel like home. Asia is the perfect place to discover underwater wonders, with its endless coastlines and thousands of islands.

In countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines, you’ll find the Coral Triangle. It’s where different oceans meet, creating a special place with lots of different sea life. There are nearly 4,000 kinds of tropical fish and over 590 types of coral living in colorful reefs.

In places like Thailand and Cambodia, you can enjoy beautiful beaches and go diving too. You might see dugongs near Koh Rong or even spot a whale shark near Koh Phangan. Some parts of Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago are still untouched, waiting for adventurers to explore.

Even if you prefer diving in lakes or exploring sunken treasures, Asia has something for you. You can dive in Siberia’s Lake Baikal or search for the Great Wall of China underwater. Whether you like warm or cold water, deep or shallow dives, there are endless options for brave divers in Asia. Just look for the blue spots on the map and take the plunge!

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