Self-Guided Cycle Tour Adventure from Kyoto to the Coast



Bike the heritage-rich sights of Kyoto, Nara, Yoshino and Mount Koya on this self-guided cycle tour of Japan. Balance the independence of self-guided bicycle touring with the seamless planning of a Grasshopper experience. Comfortable, achievable distances, great food, hotels with comfort and style, all topped off with quality bikes.

E-bikes and Carbon Frame bikes are available on this tour as an optional upgrade.



Itinerary idea in detail

Includes international flights from a choice of UK airports, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

  • Day 1

    In Japan, there’s a lot more to explore beyond its rich history and traditional temples. You’ll find modern art buzzing alongside ancient landmarks like the grand Imperial Palace and the dazzling Golden Pavilion by the lake. This UNESCO World Heritage site is not only a symbol of tradition but also a hotspot for Japan’s vibrant contemporary art scene. On the day you arrive, there are no set plans until a late afternoon briefing. This means you have the freedom to wander and discover this captivating city at your own pace. The briefing, scheduled at your convenience, is a chance to go over trip details, get acquainted with your bikes and gear, and prepare for the adventure ahead.

  • Day 2

    Kyoto is a fantastic city to explore on a bike. It’s got wide roads, paths for cyclists, and drivers who are careful and considerate. Plus, there are charming little streets along the canals that make biking here super enjoyable in this bike-friendly country. Since Kyoto was Japan’s capital for a long time (twice!), it’s packed with history and culture.

    Your ride starts by the river and heads north, where you can see cool spots like the Bamboo Forest and, if you’re lucky, beautiful cherry blossom gardens. You’ll also stop at Tenryuji Temple, which has that classic ancient look that’s lasted through the years. Then, you’ll head east to Ryoanji, known for its amazing UNESCO-approved zen garden. On the way, you can check out Kinkakuji for a stunning view of the city.

    Along the route, you’ll find lots of yummy traditional sweets to munch on. And when you’re ready, you’ll pedal back into town along the Kamo River. You get to decide where you want to stop, with the help of our audio guide. Tonight, you’re free to explore the awesome dining spots in Kyoto, but we can recommend some top local eateries if you need ideas.






  • Day 3

    Now you’ll be staying at a place that’s a mix of a hotel and a Ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn. It has beds instead of futons, but you’ll still find Tatami mats from the reception area to all around the property. Your stay will be right in Nara, next to the main train station. Nara Park and important temples like Todai-ji and Kofuku-ji are just a quick ride away (3km), but there’s also a shuttle bus that goes around the area in a circle.

  • Day 4

    Last night, you stayed on the northern edge of Nara. This morning, you’ll ride through what’s left of the ancient city. There’s not much left of it now, but you’ll see an impressive replica of the palace as you pass by.

    During the Nara period from AD 710-794, the city was designed to look like Chang’an, the capital of China’s Tang dynasty. The wealthy people back then used Chinese writing and adopted Buddhism.

    As you cycle through Nara, you’ll notice it’s a pretty big city. The cycling route is a bit tricky but manageable, avoiding heavy traffic. Once you leave the city behind, you’ll ride on peaceful back roads through the countryside. You’ll encounter some hills, but they’re not too long or steep. You’ll pass through more farmland and small villages.

    As the day goes on, the hills get a bit steeper until you reach the foot of the climb up to Yoshino. It’s only about 6km, though, and the slope isn’t too steep. Yoshino is a lovely place with temples on top of a ridge. Tonight, you’ll stay in a Ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn. You’ll sleep on tatami mats (be sure to take your shoes off!), and there’s a hot spring on site where you can relax your tired legs. Dinner will be served in the traditional Japanese style, giving you a chance to immerse yourself in the culture.




  • Day 5

    If you’re in the mood for a more relaxed day, there’s a scenic option instead of tackling the climb. After cycling about 35km, you’ll reach Hashimoto Station. Here, you can park your bikes, buy tickets for the Nankai Koya train line, and hop on one of Japan’s longest funiculars to the top of Mount Koya. That’s where your Shukubo, a traditional lodging, is waiting for you.

  • Day 6

    If you wake up early and go biking, Koyosan will be quiet with few people around. Koyasan, originally called Kong-Obb Ji, is a sacred place for Shingon Buddhism.

    In the morning, Koyasan looks like a picture postcard. You might see moss and green plants, and monks walking to meditation sessions. You can visit places like the Konpon Daito Pagoda and memorial grounds.

    Back at your Shukubo, breakfast is served in your room. It’s a vegetarian meal like the monks eat. You can also take a dip in an Onsen before starting your ride, but aim to start by 10 am.

    The ride down the mountain is exciting. The road is smooth and wider than the one you went up. You might see some cars, but not many since most people are going up.

    About halfway down, you’ll leave the main road and bike on smaller ones. After a climb of about 3km, you’ll mostly ride downhill through forests and along a river. As you near Wakayama, the town gets busier. You’ll find a bike path along the river that leads into Wakayama—a calm and flat ride. Wakayama is a port city with lots of history to explore tonight with our recommendations.



  • Day 7

    Wakayama has plenty to keep you busy in the morning. You can visit the castle, an art museum, and a train museum—all close to the hotel.

    Check-out time at the hotel is 10 am, but you can ask for a later check-out, like 11 or 12 pm, depending on how busy the hotel is. When you’re ready to go, just take a quick taxi ride to the train station. From there, you can easily catch a train to Osaka Airport (KIX), Osaka City, or Kyoto.

Accommodation options

While the itinerary price reflects the suggested accommodation, Audley trips are 100% tailor-made, and a specialist can help you select the option best suited to your tastes and budget.

Booking Policy

  • 6 nights in premium hotel accommodation.
  • 6 x breakfasts
  • Introduction briefing designed to run through the practicalities
  • Quality well-maintained bike and helmets
  • Luggage transfers throughout the tour
  • A Jersey and a water bottle as mementos

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