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It can be said that nothing is greater than release and relax yourself in natural greenspace in Banlung. The green color seems to be widespread to the horizon in Banlung. Green tropical forests is followed by green hills, spectacular waterfall and streams, quiet lake, and pretty hill tribes villages scattered making Banlung as fresh as mysterious.

Coming to Banlung, tourists do not ever miss Yeok Laom Volcanic Lake.  This 700,000 year-old lake looks like a turquoise jewel as looking down from the high peak. Wide spreading on the total area of 4.8 km, Ban Lung is an amazingly beautiful lake which used to be volcanic crater. Embraced by large trees, at the center of jungle, Yeok Laom Lake is an ideal place for swimming and relaxing due to its exceptionally clear and clean. Tourists will also enjoy watching wild birds and parrots as well as exploring some hill tribe villages around the lake.

Besides, there are some spectacular waterfalls that will make you breathless. While Cha Ong is a 18-meter-high waterfall pouring down from the rock, Kan Chang is a 7-meter-high emptying into a large pool and Ka Tieng is a 10-meter-high one located in the thick jungle. Curtain of water falling down from above like long and silky hair of a beauty girl will seduce tourists’ eyes. Moreover, on the way to waterfall, tourists will enjoy discovering some rubber plantations and witnessing the way locals collecting rubber tapping.

In addition, Banlung owns Virachey National Park where you can witness various kinds of animals in their wild life. It is not also an ideal place for as trekking through jungles as exploring the rich flora and fauna there.

All in all, Banlung is absolutely a worth-visiting place in Cambodia for enjoying picturesque and unexploited natural landscapes.


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