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Kamphaeng Phet covers an area of 8,607.5 square kilometers and about 35 kilometers from Bangkok. The east of the province is made up by river flats whereas the west is mountainous area covered with forests. The province is divided into 2 King Amphoes and 7 Amphoes: Muang, Khlong Khlung, Phran Kratai, Khanu Woralaksaburi, Lan Krabu, Sai Ngam, Khlong Lan, Pang Sila Thong and King Amphoe Thung Sai.

KamPhaeng Phet stands out for its remarkable sites as Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park, is an archaeological site with 2 areas: Inside The Citywalls and Out The Citywalls; Kamphaeng Phet National Museum which houses ancient archaeological objects and antique arts of various eras, from pre-historical time to the present; Wat Phra Kaeo, located in the centre of Kamphaeng Phet City, with its structures are made from sand stone in Sri Lankan style; Wat Phrathat, the second largest monastery, has construction in classical Kamphaeng Phet style and sand stone and bricks walls; and other highlights as San Phra Isuan shrine, the City Pillar Shrine, the monasteries as Wat Chang Rop, Wat Phra Non, Wat Phra Si Ariyabot, Wat Sing, Wat Awat Yai, etc. Besides, Kamphaeng Phet is famous for other attractions, including Muang Nakhon Chum and Muang Trai Trung ancient towns, the multi-purpose public park Sirichit Park, Khao Son – Khao Sanam Phriang Wildlife Sanctuary, Namtok Khlong Lan National Park, Namtok Khlong Nam Lai or Namtok Pang Kwai waterfalls, Khlong Lan Hilltribe Handicraft Center, Nop Phra Len Phleng (Kamphaeng Phet Word Heritage Site Celebrations), etc.

Like other provinces, KamPhaeng Phet has its own characteristic culture, in which The Nop Phra Len Phleng Fair and Kluai Khai Fair are the two major festivals. The Nop Phra Len Phleng Fair is held in February with colorfully flourished parades along the street and the participants dress ancient attires which make the parades animated. Kluai Khai Fair takes place in Septemper to promote the famous product of the province, banana. A lot of banana contests as well as entertainment performances are held excitingly.

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