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Phatthalung area received Indian cultural influence since around the 7th century CE. Nowadays, the modern city Phatthalung, lying on the west coast of Songkhla Lake, at the foot of Ok Thalu Mountain, is plainly visible from afar. Phatthalung is considered as the hometown of Nang Talung – shadow puppet play and the Nora dance.

Phatthalung features an exceptional landmark with two limestone formations; one of them has a tunnel passing through. The most well-known attraction of Phatthalung is the Thale Noi Waterfowl Park – the largest park in Thailand. Further than natural attractions, visitors can understand more about the history of the city while visiting antique monuments and temples.

Travel to Phatthalung at the time during February and March, tourists can join the Long Rua-Lae Nok Thale Noi Festival which consists a range of eco-tourism activities. In this time, there are plenty of birds and Thale Noi at their most beautiful. Besides, enjoy the chance to observe the diversified plants and animals, residents’ performances, farming produce and local life. October will be the time of Phon Lak Phra Festival – the most important festival of the province. This is a popular Buddhist tradition when people have a Buddha representation parade by land or water. Activities will include drum competitions, dramatic arts, boat procession contest, etc.

The local products are also well worth for a try. The coconut shell made into various products will be sold at Ban Khok Wua in Chai Buri. Visitors can enjoy foods like dried banana and Indian beech candy anywhere. The shadow play figures and handicrafts is found in Thale Noi area by villagers living around.

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