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Prachin Buri used to be a prosperous city with picturesque waterfalls and canals which are famous to nature lovers. The province had a long history of civilization since the Dvaravati period, 800 years ago. Based on the traces of the ancient town, many historical venues as well as ruin towns are discovered. They were used for religious purposes and historic materials like earthenwares, Buddha images and pottery. Many records have shown that a lot of administration alterations of civilization center were conducted, from town to Monthon, and the present coast of the Bang Pakong River.

Prachin Buri is known for the city of sacred Bodhi tree, tasty fruits, sweet bamboo shoots and ancient remains of Dvaravati towns. You can see the attractions in every district of the province, from the religious sites as King Naresuan the Great Shrine, Yusuksuwan Museum, Wat Kaeo Phichit, Prachin Buri National Museum, Wat Ton Pho Si Maha Pho, Si Mahosot Ancient Town, Royal Handwriting Monument, etc, to Prachin Buri Cultural Centre to see fine arts and architecture mixture of Thai and Western style. The province also stands out for its abundant local products, with various fruits and agricultural products of high quality as durians, pomelos, rambutans, santols, Phai Tong bamboo shoot, etc. Other popular local products includes Chaophya Abhaibhubejhr Herbal Products with herbal tea and juice, many kinds of medicine from herbals; Bamboo Furniture as chairs, tables, shelves, garden furniture; Grass Broom’s production; and Reed Mat, etc.

With the long history, the province also has rich culture and traditions as well as customs formed during many periods. Many events and festivals are held every year as Makha Purami Si Pranch Festivals with candlelight ceremony in the most ancient Buddha’s Footprint, The Bang Fai Sky Rocket Festival with the sky rocket procession and performances, Agriculture and Well-known Products of Prachin Buri Fair with fruits and vegetable contests, agricultural product market, and exhibitions; Whitewater Rafting at Kaeng Hin Phoeng Week with rafting competition, and Loi Krathong Festival with a lot of interesting contests and performances. More exciting things, you can join in numerous activities as bicycling, golf, orchard trekking, etc which surely makes your adventure unforgettable!

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