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The province was founded over 200 years ago and once was a huge glorious city named Saket Nakhon. Under the reign of Ayutthaya King, Rou Et was inhabited by his people from Champassak City. Later, Roi Et was moved to the present location by King Taksin of Thon Buri era. According to historical evidences as well as archaeological findings, this land was inhabited by pre-historic people. Some findings of Khmer style archaeological sites showed that it was also under the influence of ancient Kkmer kingdom.

Roi Et town was constructed around Bung Phlan Chai, a large aitificial lake where a bis Buddha stands on a small island in its centre. The province features a large number of natural beauty and cultural & historical attractions, including beautiful temples with impressive Buddha images. Tall Buddha images are famed here with the 86-m high walking Buddha at Wat Buraphaphiram. Some other remarkably historical buildings are Ku Kasing, 6km from outside of the town, a big Khmer sanctuary from 11th century; Wat Sa Thong temple with Luangoho Phra Sangkatchai Buddha image; Prang Ku or Prasat Nong Ku,a complex buildings with library, main prang, wall and entrance pavilions; etc. There are aslo picturesque natural landscapes and entertainment areas as Mueang Roi Et Municipality Aquarium with an aquarium exhibiting fresh water fish under water tunnel, Bo Phan Khan Rattanasophun Park, Pha Nam Yoi Park – home of wild animals and various kinds of trees, etc.

Besides, Roi Et is a place rich in culture with many spectacular festivals, including Kin Khao Pun Bun Phawet Festival, an ild fashioned rocket festivals held in May and June, Bun Bangfai Festival with colorful parades, Candle Festival with the contests of floats and decorated candles with cutural performances and Long Boat races of Tambon with interesting boat racings.

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