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Samut Prakan was established during the Ayutthaya period with its original site located at Pradaeng and it was then called Muang Phra Pradaeng. It was the sea port of Siam and protected by forts, town walls and town moats. Under the reign of King Rama II, he started building the new centre at Samut Prakan in1819 and re-established Muang Samut Prakan at Tambon Pak Nam and completed three years later.

Samut Prakan has become a fascinating destination for tourists for its abundant attractions, from culture, history to natural resources. A lot of cultural and historical remains present the history and glory of the past, which are worthy for study. A list of various attractions includes Erawan Museum, Naval Museum with exhibitions of historical objects and antiquities, Mueng Boran or the Ancient City, Wat Klang Worawihan, Wat Asokaran, Fort Chulachomklao, King Rama V the Great Monument, Naval Historical Park, Phra Suea Mueang Shrine, etc. Besides, other interesting spots are not less fascinating for you as Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo with the world’s largest crocodiles, Nong Ngu Hao Farm and Tiger Farm with varied species of cobra, snake and venom, or come to visit Bang Namphueng Floating Market to experience the local style and purchase local products and famous food as herbal joss sticks, fish-scale flowers, Hoi Thot, mortar-toasted pastry, etc.

Samut Prakan is also the land of rich culture with many lively events and festivals held during the year such as Pak Lat Songkran Festival which comprises the Nang Songkran procession, merit-making, bird and fish release, folk games and entertainment performances; Song Khao Songkran Tradition, a Mon tradition of rice; Phra Samut Chedi Fair with a float contest of the red wrapping cloth and activities as candlelight procession, exhibitions of numerous products; Luangpho Pan Fair to pay respect and commemorate the virtue of Luangpho Pan, etc.

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