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Thailand – Getting to know Sukhothai

Lying approximately 450km north of Bangkok and 300km south of Chiang Mai, the ancient kingdom of Sukhothai flourished briefly from the mid-13th to the late 14th century – a time often referred to as the ‘golden age’ of Thai civilisation. Covering an area of 45 square kilometres, the old city is home to remarkably well-preserved ancient ruins, and is one of Thailand’s most visited UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Thailand Sukhothai Travel Guide

What to do in Sukhothai

The focus of your visit will undoubtedly be Sukhothai’s Historical Park. The sprawling site is divided into five zones scattered with almost 200 ancient temples, chedis, statues and stupas. The largest and most important structure is the elaborate Wat Mahathat – Sukhothai’s main temple – which fuses Thai and Khmer architecture. Other notable buildings include Wat Si Chum which is home to a particularly striking Buddha statue; the elephant-surrounded chedi of Wat Sorasak and the Sri Lankan style Wat Sa Si.

Take time away from the temples to visit the Ban Na Thon Chan Community project. This small village is home to descendants of the ancient Lanna Kingdom who are preserving their culture and heritage (and creating an additional source of income) by inviting visitors to experience and learn about their way of life.

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Photos of Sukhothai

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