Our bike tour starts in Sapa, a pretty town in the mountains of Vietnam near China. It’s known for its rice fields and different tribes living there. Then, we’ll go to Bac Ha, a smaller town with a busy market where local tribes sell their stuff.

Next, we’ll explore Hoang Su Phi, a quiet area with tall mountains and forests. We’ll ride through villages and fields where people grow spices like cardamom.

After that, we’ll visit Ha Giang, famous for its beautiful roads and H’mong villages. Finally, we’ll reach Cao Bang, where you can see a big waterfall and colorful villages.

If you love nature and adventure, our 14-day bike tour from Sapa to Cao Bang is perfect for you!




Itinerary idea in detail

Includes international flights from a choice of UK airports, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

  • Day 1

    Arrive in Hanoi on an early flight and get a warm welcome. Our team will help you exchange money before we head to Lao Cai via the new highway. Enjoy the scenic views of northern Vietnam from the window. We’ll stop for lunch on the way and take a break in Lao Cai to walk around and take pictures of the city and border gate. Then, we’ll go up to Sapa Hill Station, check in, and have dinner at a local restaurant.

    Activity: Pick-up and Transfer
    Accommodation: Silk Path Sapa
    Meals: Lunch/Dinner
    Distance: 380 km

  • Day 2

    After getting some rest, we start our bike adventure from the hotel, going down into the beautiful Muong Hoa Valley to see the best of Sapa. The valley has amazing rice fields, colorful villages, and stunning views. We leave the busy tourist area of Sapa behind and pedal through the valley, enjoying the mountains and rice fields.

    First, we ride on a dirt road to the Black Hmong village of Y Linh Ho. Then, we take a scenic route through bamboo and rice fields to Lao Chai village, where we stop for coffee and tea and explore the village.

    After a break, we ride on different types of roads, like paved roads and dirt tracks, and cross a suspension bridge to Ta Van Village. Here, we chat with locals and learn about their lives.

    Later, we ride through more villages and streams until we reach Nam Cang Riverside Lodge, where we stay with a Dao family. We have dinner and spend the night in their homestay.

  • Day 3

    Get up early and join local activities or take a walk around the village to enjoy nature. Have breakfast with traditional pancakes and banana cakes, along with herbal tea. Then, we’ll start biking from the homestay, passing through villages, rice fields, streams, and buffalo paths. We’ll stop for lunch in Suoi Thau.

    After lunch, we’ll keep biking on a mix of roads, including some hills, until we reach Xuan Giao Section. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountains and villages. When we finish, we’ll check in and have dinner in Lao Cai.

    Activity: Biking from Village to Village
    Accommodation: Cinnammon Ecolodge
    Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
    Biking Distance: 65 km (128 km)
    Elevation Gain: 2,327m (24.0%) – 2,945m (-22.5%)

  • Day 4

    Today’s a great day for biking, with lots to see and experience as we ride through villages and rice fields. We’ll enjoy beautiful scenery and visit colorful hill tribes along the way.

    We’ll start biking after breakfast at the Ecolodge. First, we’ll ride on roads for about 20 km to Nghia Do. Then, we’ll switch to smaller trails and dirt paths, going through hills and past villages until we reach Tan Tien Commune.

    Along the way, we’ll see stunning views of northern Vietnam. We’ll face a tough 12 km uphill ride to Ban Lien pass, then enjoy a picnic lunch in Ban Lien village.

    After lunch, we’ll ride another 10 km up steep hills to reach the mountain peak. From there, we’ll see amazing views of the Nam Khanh valley.

    Finally, we’ll ride down to a dam and then back up to Bac Ha Town.

    Activities: Biking from village to hotel
    Accommodation: Bac Ha Legend Home
    Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
    Biking distance: 55 km

  • Day 5

    Today’s going to be an amazing day full of cultural discoveries as we bike through rice fields and colorful villages. We’ll see beautiful scenery and learn about the traditions of hill tribes.

    After breakfast, we’ll start biking, making sure we’re energized. We’ll take a short ride to Lung Phinh village to avoid a steep hill. Then, we’ll follow trails and dirt paths, passing villages and rice fields until we get to Lung Cai commune.

    Next, we’ll tackle the last big hill, passing more villages until we reach Nam Ma for a break. After that, we’ll ride through winding roads to Coc Pai town for lunch.

    After lunch, we’ll keep riding, enjoying the views of rice fields and mountains. We’ll have a big climb before reaching Ho Thau Village.

    Activities: Riding and Cycling from village to Ecolodge
    Accommodation: Eco Village
    Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
    Cycling distance: 91 km

  • Day 6

    Hoang Su Phi is a quiet area in Vietnam, where people have lived in isolation until recently. It’s known for its tall mountains, deep valleys, and thick forests.

    After breakfast, we’ll start biking through the area. We’ll see fields and villages, and cross small streams that water the rice fields.

    Today, we’ll spend the whole day biking through the rice fields, enjoying the beautiful views. We’ll stop for lunch in a village and then ride downhill to Thong Nguyen commune to visit a local market.

    After talking with locals, we’ll bike through mountains and forests until we reach Vinh Quang commune. Our ride ends there, and we’ll get a ride to the hotel.

    Activity: Biking and Riding
    Accommodation: Yen Bien Luxury Hotel
    Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
    Biking distance: 76 km
    Elevation gain: +1,728m (20.1%) -2,604m (30.7%)

  • Day 7

    After a good breakfast at the hotel, we start cycling out of town. The first 25 km takes us through rice fields and villages. Then, we climb 800m up winding roads into the mountains. Along the way, we pass through mountain villages and may get greetings from locals.

    From the top, we see amazing views of the Tam Son valley and Quan Ba town. We have lunch there. After lunch, we ride down to the river and follow it until we reach another pass. We go uphill for a bit, then downhill for 10 km, and finally ride on flat ground for 10 km.

    It’s a bit challenging with ups and downs, reaching an altitude of 1,025m before descending into Yenh Minh for the last 15 km. We’ll see traditional homes of local hill tribes, who are Chinese.

    Activity: Cycling and Driving
    Accommodation: Phuong Dong Hotel***
    Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
    Cycling distance: 98 km

  • Day 8

    Today is going to be an awesome day as we ride through the Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark. First, we’ll have a good breakfast at the hotel. Then, we’ll quickly visit a colorful hill tribe market nearby before we start cycling on the Happiness Road to Dong Van. Along the way, we’ll see stunning nature and amazing views as we ride up to the summit.

    We’ll stop to check out the Hmong King Palace (Vuong Chi Sinh Palace) and then head to the Lung Cu Pole Flag Tower. Lunch will be served on the way. After eating, we’ll take the back roads back to Dong Van Town. When we get there, you can check into the hotel and relax.

    Activity: Cycling and Sightseeing
    Accommodation: Hoa Cuong Dong Van Hotel***
    Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
    Cycling distance: 52 km – 76 km

  • Day 9

    Today, we’ll bike from Dong Van to Meo Vac, passing through a daily market where local tribes sell their goods. We’ll conquer the Ma Phi Leng pass, enjoying stunning views of the Nho Que River. The ride includes some challenging uphill sections but also pleasant downhill stretches. Along the way, we’ll see locals in their colorful traditional clothes and stop to explore markets and villages. After lunch, we’ll continue along the Gam River to Bao Lac town.

    Activity: Cycling from Dong Van to Meo Vac
    Accommodation: Thuy Duong Hotel**
    Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
    Cycling distance: 86 km

  • Day 10

    We suggest a substantial breakfast today to give you energy for a day of trekking! Your morning challenge will be to summit Mount Zwekabin: standing 725 metres high, on the outskirts of Hpa An, it is one of the most sacred mountains in the country. Over 1,000 Buddha images are carved into the rock at the foot of the mountain and from here it takes around two hours to hike the steep stairway to the top. It’s a strenuous climb but the unobstructed views from the top are worth the effort and here you’ll find a small monastery and a pagoda that allegedly contains a strand of Buddha’s hair.

    In the afternoon, visit Saddar Cave. Pass through the large natural chamber that houses carved Buddha statues and trek along an underground passage through the mountain. Emerge on the other side of the cave to reveal a beautiful scene of tree clad hills and a lake. From here board a traditional wooden canoe and you will be paddled leisurely around the outside of the mountain, back to the cave entrance.

  • Day 11

    After breakfast at the hotel, we’ll pedal to Pac Po, a significant place in Vietnamese history. Along the way, we’ll enjoy the peaceful villages and may meet locals. Pac Po is where President Ho Chi Minh started the Vietnam Revolutionary movement. We’ll pay our respects there and enjoy a picnic lunch before riding to Tra Linh Township.

    Activities: Transferring and cycling to Hotel
    Accommodation: Duc Long Hotel**
    Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
    Cycling distance: 60 km
    Elevation: +1920 m / -1591 m

  • Day 12

    After breakfast at the hotel, we’ll start our cycling trip, going uphill out of town and then downhill to Trung Khanh town. Along the way, we’ll see beautiful scenery in Vietnam’s Global Geopark.

    In Trung Khanh, we’ll take a break before heading to the Quay Son River on a smaller road. We’ll enjoy the views and cross bamboo bridges, passing through villages and rice fields.

    Lunch will be at an Eco Homestay. After that, we can either visit Ban Gioc waterfall or go kayaking on the river. Dinner and overnight stay will be at Ban Gioc Resort.

    Activities: Cycling from hotel to hotel
    Accommodation: Lan Rung Ecolodge
    Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
    Cycling distance: 72 km
    Elevation: +1060 m / -1326 m

  • Day 13

    Early morning, we’ll visit the beautiful Ban Gioc Waterfall. After breakfast, we’ll start biking to Quang Uyen Town, enjoying scenic views of limestone mountains and visiting villages along the way. Lunch will be provided. Once we reach Quang Uyen, we’ll check into the hotel and have dinner at a local restaurant. We’ll stay overnight at Hung Dung Hotel.

    Activity: Cycling from hotel to hotel
    Accommodation: Hung Dung Hotel***
    Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
    Cycling distance: 70 km

  • Day 14

    After a hearty breakfast, we’ll start our journey to Cao Bang city. We’ll cycle for a bit on the main road before turning onto village roads leading to a paper-making village. Here, you can try making your own paper using traditional methods. Then, we’ll ride through villages, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful landscapes. We’ll continue on single tracks to Phia Thap, Tu Do Commune, Ha Tri, and Trung Vuong Commune, where you’ll see colorful hill tribe villages and have the chance to meet and chat with locals.

    We’ll meet our support vehicle for water and refreshments, then cycle on tarmac roads to Dong Khe. From there, we’ll transfer the remaining distance to Hanoi.

    Activities: Cycling and Visiting
    Accommodation: By Yourself
    Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
    Cycling distance: 60 km
    Distance: 59.2 km
    Elevation: +1036 m / -1300 m

Travel Insurance

We recommend getting travel insurance that covers emergency medical evacuation for your trip to Vietnam.

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  • All admission fees at attractions, temples and activities as mentioned in the itinerary
  • All meals listed
  • International flight reconfirmation.

  • Entry visas
  • International airport departure taxes
  • Any meals not listed in the itinerary
  • Drinks, other than water on activity days
  • Personal expenses (laundry, telephone, drinks, tip…)
  • Travel insurance
  • All other services not listed in ‘inclusive’

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