Get ready for an amazing journey with the True North Motorcycle Tour, made just for people who want to really explore Ha Giang. We’ll take you off the usual tourist paths and show you the hidden gems of this beautiful place. Our adventure isn’t just about seeing cool sights. It’s about meeting local people, seeing stunning views, and having exciting experiences you’ll never forget. Whether it’s chatting with villagers, riding through wild mountains, or admiring the beautiful rice fields, every moment will be special. While we have a plan for where we’ll go and what we’ll do, what’s most important to us is making sure you have the best time possible. Our guides will listen to what you want and make sure your trip is just right for you. Your happiness is our top priority. Join us on the True North Motorcycle Tour and discover the real Ha Giang like never before. Let us show you the way as you have an adventure you’ll always remember. Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?



  • Picnic in the shade of an ancient pagoda after a cycle around Tay Ho Lake
  • Watch a romantic Halong Bay sunrise from the deck of a traditional junk
  • Wander among Hue’s evocative architecture on the banks of Perfume River
  • Weave between Ho Chi Minh’s finest streetfood spots on the back of a Vespa
  • Immerse yourself in the beach life and vibrant culture of Hoi An’s bustling port

Whats Include:

  • All breakfasts, plus 7 lunches and 5 dinners
  • Stay 6 nights in excellent hotels
  • Guides and support team included
  • E-bikes and support vehicles provided
  • Healthy snacks and water during rides
  • All activities, train tickets, and entry fees
  • A cycling jersey and water bottle as souvenirs
  • Tips for all service staff except Amazing Bike Tours staff

  • Day 1

    At 8:00 AM, we wake up at the hostel and have breakfast, getting everything ready for the journey. By 8:30 AM, we meet our tour guide to kick off our adventure conquering the stunning Ha Giang loop, which boasts beautiful winding mountain roads. As we ascend towards Thai An, we’ll be greeted by breathtaking views of the clear blue river below the pass. Continuing our journey, we’ll traverse the Thai An pass and stop for lunch at a charming streamside village within Thai An. After a satisfying meal, we’ll venture deeper into the Duong Thuong Valley, a hidden gem of natural beauty in Vietnam. Driving amidst towering mountains and lush cornfields lining the road, we’ll eventually arrive at Du Gia in the afternoon. There, we’ll unwind at the fairy waterfall, allowing ourselves to relax after a day filled with sightseeing. As evening falls, we’ll indulge in a delicious Vietnamese dinner and join in some karaoke fun, accompanied by cheerful camaraderie and perhaps a few drinks at the homestay.

  • Day 2

    After breakfast, we leave the cozy homestay and head to Ngam La village, where we’ll see big mountains and beautiful valleys. Then, we go to Mau Due village for lunch. After eating, we travel through big mountains to get to Ma Pi Leng Pass, known as one of Vietnam’s most beautiful places. From there, we’ll see the Nho Que river below, sparkling like a green thread. Next, we go to the Nho Que River and take a boat to enjoy its beauty beside the rocky mountains. In the late afternoon, we reach Dong Van, where we have a tasty local dinner and relax after a long day of sightseeing.

  • Day 3

    After breakfast, we say goodbye to our homestay family and head to the northernmost point of Vietnam, the Lung Cu flagpole. From there, we can see a wide view of the mountains, forests, and even the border between Vietnam and China. We’ll have lunch in a small village nearby.

    Then, we’ll travel through some famous places like Chin Khoanh Pass and Lung Cam village, where the Hmong people live in houses made of soil that are hundreds of years old. We’ll also pass through Pho Cao town and reach another famous spot called Tham Ma Pass.

    By late afternoon, we’ll arrive in Yen Minh town. We’ll check in at a local homestay and have a tasty dinner there. It’ll be a nice way to end the day, experiencing the local culture and food.

  • Day 4

    After breakfast, we say bye to our homestay and head to Tam Son town. Along the way, we’ll see hills with pine trees and stepped fields. We’ll visit Lung Khuy cave, which has cool rock formations. Then, we’ll have lunch in Tam Son. After eating, we’ll go to Cong Troi to see the twin mountains and the town from up high. Next, we’ll travel to Bac Sum Pass, known for its pretty views and twisty roads. In the afternoon, we’ll go back to Ha Giang and catch a limo at 4:15 PM to Hanoi. We’ll get to Hanoi around 11:00 PM.

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