Cycle, Trek, Kayak, and Snorkel on a Multi-Activity Tour in Northern Vietnam

Your 8-day adventure in Vietnam will be full of cycling through serene countryside, visiting Ba Na Hills, and exploring the stunning limestone formations of Ninh Binh. Immerse yourself in village life in Mai Chau for lasting memories.

Enjoy a bamboo raft ride in Pu Luong, hike to Hieu waterfall, and explore the beauty of Cuc Phuong National Park. Our welcoming guides will provide insights into Vietnam’s history and landscapes, making your journey more enriching.

Savor authentic meals, engage with locals, and delve into Vietnam’s vibrant culture and traditions. This tour offers more than sightseeing – it’s a chance to create authentic connections in Vietnam.

You also have the option to choose a Pedal Assist E-bike for an additional $245 on this tour.


  • Visit the beautiful Ba Na Hills, ride through the Vietnamese mountains, and see the famous Golden Bridge.
  • Explore Cham Island, snorkel in the protected waters, and relax on Bai Chong beach.
  • Walk through the lovely Ninh Binh area, climb to the top of Mua Cave, and take a traditional boat to see the Thien Ha Cave.
  • Hike to Ban Cong village in Pu Luong to learn about the local culture and daily life.
  • Trek to the stunning Hieu waterfall in Pu Luong and kayak in the peaceful Mai Chau Valley.
  • Enjoy the real tastes of Vietnamese food and learn why it’s loved around the world.

Whats Included:

  • Stay for 7 nights in a deluxe hotel
  • Enjoy all meals: 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 6 dinners
  • Snacks, local treats, drinks, fruit, and water during the tour
  • Use of a high-quality bike and helmet
  • Guided by an expert local guide
  • Full vehicle support provided
  • All tickets, activities, and entry costs covered
  • Receive a t-shirt of Amazing Bike Tours and a water bottle as souvenirs

Itinerary idea in detail

This tour can be conducted by motorcycle or by car. Please contact us for more details.

  • Day 1

    Meet your guide for a safety briefing and bike fitting before starting your adventure in Ba Na Hills. You’ll cycle through peaceful countryside, passing by rice fields and villages. Enjoy the scenic route without traffic, capturing beautiful landscapes.

    Cycle through local markets and farms, experiencing everyday life in Vietnam. Engage with locals, learn about their traditions, and immerse yourself in the culture.

    Have a buffet lunch at Ba Na Hills to sample Vietnamese cuisine. Visit the famous Golden Bridge and an old French village in the mountains.

    Afterward, return to the hotel for a delicious Vietnamese dinner to end the day’s exploration.

  • Day 2

    If your tour starts between September and January, your adventure will be in Hoi An, the “Land of Herbs.” We’ll start with some herbal tea made from local ingredients. Then, we’ll show you around a farm where they grow over fifty types of herbs, fruits, and flowers.

    You’ll have fun with some group games and then eat a lunch flavored with herbs, with options for both vegetarians and meat-eaters.

    You’ll also learn about Vietnamese martial arts from a local expert. You’ll see their traditions and get to try some moves yourself, with expert guidance to keep it safe.

    Whichever trip you choose, you’ll have a great dinner tonight and exciting plans as we travel north!

  • Day 3

    We’re heading to the airport for your flight to Hanoi, ready for another fun bike ride! After we land, we’ll drive a little way out of Hanoi to avoid the busy streets, then start our bike ride to Ninh Binh. This takes us from the busy city into the beautiful countryside of Vietnam.

    Ninh Binh is known for its amazing scenery. It’s called “Halong Bay on Land” because of its big rocks that look like those in Halong Bay. The area has lots of green rice fields, quiet rivers, and big rocks, making it very peaceful and pretty.

    As you bike, you’ll see different kinds of landscapes and enjoy quiet country roads. You’ll pass through small villages and see how people live in the countryside. You might watch locals working in the rice fields or making things by hand.

    We’ll have lunch on our way and later in the afternoon, a van will take us to Ninh Binh. We’ll check into our hotel late in the afternoon where you can rest after our adventure-filled day.

  • Day 4

    After breakfast, we’ll put on our helmets and start biking around Ninh Binh. This place is known for its big rock cliffs and beautiful green areas.

    First, we’ll go to Mua Cave. To reach the top, we need to climb 500 steps, but the view from there is worth it. You can see the river winding through the rocks and the lush landscape around.

    We’ll keep biking through small villages and past fields of green rice. This ride lets you see and hear what life is like in the countryside of Vietnam.

    We’ll stop for lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch, we go to Thien Ha Cave. We’ll ride a sampan, which is a flat wooden boat, to enter the cave. Inside, you’ll see interesting rock formations called stalactites and stalagmites.

    When the day ends, we’ll bike back to our resort. Dinner will be ready for us there.

  • Day 5

    We’ll start our day with a visit to the Bear Sanctuary at Four Paws, which is a place that helps rescue and take care of bears. Here, we’ll walk around for about 1.5 hours and learn about the bears and their stories.

    After that, we’ll drive a short way to Cuc Phuong National Park. In the park, we will hike through the forest on trails that pass by very old trees, rare orchids, and lots of different animals. The paths in the park are easy to walk and very pretty, with lots of green plants, rocky areas, and quiet streams.

    Once we finish our lunch, we’ll take a beautiful drive to Pu Luong Nature Reserve. This place is special because it’s home to different ethnic groups like the Thai and Muong peoples and has a big variety of plants and animals, including some that are very rare and need protection.

    We’ll stay in Pu Luong for two nights, enjoying the peaceful and beautiful nature around us.

  • Day 6

    As the sun rises over Pu Luong, our day begins with a tranquil morning walk leading to Ban Cong, a charming village nestled amid emerald landscapes. Here, we’ll embark on a bamboo rafting escapade along the shimmering waters, drifting gently amidst the verdant beauty of the surroundings.

    We’ll stop to savor a delicious local lunch to experience Pu Luong’s authentic flavors, and in the afternoon, we’ll embark on an exciting half-day trek to Hieu waterfall. We’ll navigate through winding trails and lush forests before reaching the awe-inspiring natural wonder, where cascading waters create a mesmerizing spectacle.

    Afterwards, we’ll return to our retreat, where we’ll enjoy a hearty dinner.

  • Day 7

    After breakfast, we’ll check out and start a morning walk through local villages. On this walk, you will see everyday life, beautiful fields of rice, and probably a few water buffaloes, which are important animals for farming here.

    We’ll get to Bao La village by late morning, where we’ll take part in a community project. This will show you how tourism helps the local people. We will also join a cooking class in the village, where we can cook and eat together, enjoying the friendly village life.

    Later, we will go back to Lac Village to rest a bit before we drive to Pu Luong.

    In Mai Chau, we’ll go kayaking. As we paddle along the river, you’ll see beautiful spots in the countryside.

    Later in the day, we’ll check into our eco-lodge in Mai Chau. This place is really peaceful and shows the true beauty of Vietnam’s countryside. We’ll finish our day with dinner at the lodge, tasting local flavors in this charming region.

  • Day 8

    Take your time in the morning, or if you want to do more, you can choose extra activities before we leave. Our van will take us back to the busy streets of Hanoi, marking the end of our adventure. Our driver can drop you off at your hotel or take you to the airport for your next journey.

Accommodation options

The price in the itinerary includes the suggested accommodation, but Amazing Bike Tours can be customized to fit your preferences and budget. A specialist can help you choose the best accommodation option for you.

Booking Policy

  • 7 nights in deluxe hotel accommodation
  • All meals: 7x breakfasts, 7x lunches, 6x dinners
  • Snacks, local treats, hydration drinks, fruit and water during the tour
  • Quality well-maintained bike and helmet
  • Expert local guide
  • Full vehicle support
  • All ticket, activity and entry costs included in the itinerary

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