Explore Vietnam effortlessly on a 7-day e-bike tour.

Exploring Vietnam on e-bikes lets us cover a good distance in the mornings. Then, we can spend the afternoons doing other fun stuff and exploring different places. Like swimming in Nha Trang or enjoying a craft beer with a view of the waves. We could visit Nga’s center for the disabled in Quy Nhon or take a long walk on the peaceful beach of Tam Tanh. Don’t forget to check out the old ruins from the Champa Kingdom or pay respects at the memorial for the My Lai Massacre victims.

Vietnam’s scenery is amazing! There are lush green hills, flat lands where rice grows, and rocky coastlines turning into beautiful beaches and fishing villages stretching for miles. It’s a country you won’t forget easily.

Vietnamese people are friendly and smart. They have a rich history and culture, mixed with a modern way of life that’s changing fast. Vietnam is moving forward faster than many other countries in Southeast Asia. When you experience all this for yourself, you might find yourself wanting to come back again and again.


  • Bike along the beautiful coastline
  • Visit the important My Lai memorial
  • Ride through charming fishing and farming villages
  • See the inspiring center for the disabled in Quy Nhon
  • Explore the unique Cham Towers
  • Enjoy a beachside drink in Nha Trang
  • Relax on the stunning and lesser-known Tam Thanh beach
  • Discover Vietnam’s rich customs, culture, history, and tasty food!

Whats Included:

  • All breakfasts, plus 7 lunches and 5 dinners
  • Stay 6 nights in excellent hotels
  • Guides and support team included
  • E-bikes and support vehicles provided
  • Healthy snacks and water during rides
  • All activities, train tickets, and entry fees
  • A cycling jersey and water bottle as souvenirs
  • Tips for all service staff except Amazing Bike Tours staff

Itinerary idea in detail

This tour can be conducted by motorcycle or by car. Please contact us for more details.

  • Day 1

    The tour starts with a pickup at 8 am from your hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. Get your riding gear ready, but you don’t need to wear it for the short flight to Dalat. When we land, we’ll get ready for the ride, grab some morning tea, and talk about the tour. Our route into the city includes some hills with nice views and fun downhill parts.

    We’ll pass by coffee plantations, flower gardens, and small farms. The locals here are often called highland or hill tribes, mainly the Lach tribes. Traditionally, these groups had more independence, but now the younger generation is more integrated into lowland society. Still, you might see some people in traditional dress and using old farming methods along our way.

    By the afternoon, we’ll reach our hotel – an old colonial property with great hill views and a pool. It used to be a place where the French would escape the heat.

  • Day 2

    After a delicious breakfast, we’ll hop in a van to avoid city traffic before cycling on peaceful roads with rolling hills. Locals might honk and wave as they find joy in seeing cyclists like you passing by.

    Along the way, we’ll visit a Bana House known for its unique wooden and thatch architecture. The descent from the hills will bring a big smile to your face, and as you reach the river, it’s time for lunch. A short one-hour drive will then take us to Nha Trang, a bustling coastal city known for its beautiful beach. Our hotel is just a short walk from the sandy shore.

  • Day 3

    This morning involves a 3-hour transfer to reach the starting point outside of town. The ride up to Quy Nhon offers lovely sea views along a picturesque stretch of road. It consists of rolling hills winding around headlands, where the momentum from descending one hill helps ascend the next with minimal pedaling. We’ll pause about 7km before the city to stay for two nights at a secluded resort on a beautiful beach. The beach has some waves and there’s a nice pool available for cooling off.

  • Day 4

    Today, we’ll start with a van ride to the best spot to begin our cycling adventure, located north of the city amid rice fields and villages. We’ll ride on quiet, paved roads mostly shared with scooters and bicycles.

    We’ll then reach the Cham Towers ruins, featuring twin towers in an ancient, unrestored state, typically without many other visitors. These ruins are part of the Champa Kingdom’s history and thought to be from the 11th century.

    After exploring, we’ll get back on our bikes for more countryside riding. The rest of the day is free for you to enjoy, and your guide can help with suggestions if needed.

  • Day 5

    Today, we head to Quang Ngai province. We ride along the coast into the city, passing a former Leper Colony and descending into Quy Nhon. Riding past the city harbor with colorful fishing boats, we cross a bridge and reach a stunning peninsula with sand dunes. After a beautiful vista of the coastline, we continue to lunch. Then, we take a 2-hour van ride to Thu Xa village, near the provincial capital. This fishing village by a river inlet offers views of squid boats in the mornings and evenings. The recently opened resort aims to connect guests with the local community while providing jobs for residents.

  • Day 6

    The day starts with a visit to the My Lai Memorial, a reminder of a tragic event during the Vietnam War. Then, we begin our bike ride, moving from inland roads to the coast with flat terrain and occasional peninsulas. We use small ferries to cross inlets and encounter locals on scooters.

    Our accommodation is a new beach resort on a long, uninterrupted shoreline. The resort aims to create job opportunities for local residents. This is our last overnight stop, so we’ll have dinner together before our final ride the next day.

  • Day 7

    We end our journey with a fun bike ride. We’ll visit a local fish market, full of colorful fish and lively vendors cracking jokes. You can try some traditional snacks there.

    Cycling through small villages with sandy landscapes and trees for shade, we pass by a village with street art. We finish by the Thu Bon River, taking a boat ride to Hoi An, a charming town. We’ll dine at one of the oldest family-run restaurants with a view of the historic trading port.

    Our tour ends with a drop-off at your hotel in Hoi An.

Accommodation options

The price in the itinerary includes the suggested accommodation, but Amazing Bike Tours can be customized to fit your preferences and budget. A specialist can help you choose the best accommodation option for you.

Booking Policy

  • All breakfasts, 7 lunches & 5 dinners
  • 6 nights in outstanding hotels
  • Guides and support team
  • E-Bikes and support vehicles
  • Healthy snacks and water during cycling
  • All activities, train tickets and site entry fees
  • Memento cycling jersey and water bottle
  • Tips for all non-Amazing Bike Tours service staff


Wherever we explore, you'll uncover the authentic Asia of the locals, far from the typical touristy facade. Join us on a journey off the beaten path for a genuine experience.


We offer high-quality, well-maintained bikes with the option for E-bikes and premium upgrades in certain select destinations throughout Asia.


We carefully selected hotels to accommodate weary cyclists, each blending comfort and excellent service with a touch of local charm.

It is easy to customize your Vietnam E-Bike tours with us!

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