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Khao Yai was the first national park in Thailand which was established in 1962. Now it becomes Thailand’s second largest national park and was recognized as an ASEAN Heritage Park in 1984 and as a UNECO World Heritage Site in 2005.  The area is almost grasslands and evergreen forests. It has the altitude of 400 to 1000m above sea level with the highest point is at the top of Khao Rom 1,351m. The park is rich in wildlife and is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna as well as spectacular natural scenery. It houses more than 3000 species of plants and 320 species of birds and 66 species of mamals, including Asian elephant, Asiatic black bear, gaur, Indian sambar deer, gibbon, Indian muntjac, pig-tailed macaque and wild pig. Khao Yai is also one of the very few places in Thailand hosting suviving wild elephants and large animals as gibbon, muntjacs, pig-tailed macaques and sambar deer. In addition, it plays an inportant role as a headwater for some rivers and creeks.

Khao Yai has been an ideal destination for those who want to explore nature and wildlife. You can join in Khao Yai Wildlife Tours to discover the diversity of wildlife and nocturnal wildlife with thousands of animals and plants, join in birdwatching and herping activities to focus on nature. This will be amazing for you. There are the other popular attractions interesting as Khaoyai Khrine, Visitor center, View point, Khao Kiew Viewpoint, Wildlife Observation Towers, etc. This is also home to some spectacular waterfalls with stunning scenery as Haew Suwat Waterfall and Haew Narok Waterfall where you can admire the flora and beautiful landscapes. Furthermore, you can join in several interesting activities here as hiking and trekking to explore every corner of the park. This will impress you so much.

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